Q: My ring is tight and hard to get off. Now what?

A: Moisten your finger and ring with water or lightly spray with a gentle glass cleaner to assist with twisting/wiggling your ring off. Don’t use lotion, as that leaves residue on the metal and gems. Once the ring is off, take it to a trusted jeweler and have the ring resized. If the ring is cutting off circulation in your finger, or is uncomfortable, visit a competent jeweler to have your ring professionally cut off.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I’m NEVER taking this ring off my finger!” Sure, the sentimentality is great, but for the ring’s sake, take if off! Rings worn regularly should be removed from your finger and cleaned every three to six months, and professionally cleaned at least once a year. Jewelry, like an automobile, needs regular check ups and maintenance work; the more pro-active you are in having your jewelry regularly checked, the less likely you are to have major – and possibly expensive - repair issues. Regular maintenance means you and/or your jeweler will catch minor – and less expensive - maintenance issues before they become bigger.

So take it off! Your jewelry will love you for it, and it will look bright, sparkling and fabulous!

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